How to Make Money from an Online Business


How to Make Money from an Online Business

Unless you come from a wealthy background, being a single parent can be difficult trying to make ends meet. Many single parents are forced to work more than one job to make a decent living to take care of their family. This article is intended to let you know there is a way you can learn how to make money from an online business.

Working two jobs makes it even more demanding. Now is not the time for whining about it because whining won’t change your circumstances. But, there are options for you to improve your future. There’s more than one approach to a better life and there’s more than one approach to change your financial future.

how to make money from an online business

Break the chains to your financial freedom!

The number of people working from home is steadily increasing as technology makes it easier and more attractive. More employers find that outsourcing jobs can eliminate some of their overhead costs by allowing others outside of the business perform certain tasks.

People who are looking to start their own businesses or already have their own business finally understand that there are ways to become business owners themselves instead of making others rich from their hard work.

People from all walks of life and backgrounds are now able to find that they can improve their financial lifestyles because technology has made it possible for anyone who wants to build an online business from working at home. No longer is working from home relegated to only mothers who had to be home with children. Anyone can do it!

anyone can be an affiliate marketer

People from all walks of life can be an affiliate marketer!

Working from home as an affiliate marketer is a quicker and cheaper way to start your own online business and earn passive income.

Technology Has Bridged the Gap

The internet has become a way of life for most people. Children are learning at a much earlier age how to use electronic devices from phones, tablets, and computers. Computer use is being taught in schools to children even in kindergarten.

Technology allows people to stay connected with ease. Tools such as Skype, Google Docs, conference calls, video conferencing, emails, instant messaging, social media makes communicating for business and personal an easy and seamless methods of staying connected whenever needed.

The use of technology is definitely a plus when it comes to having an affiliate marketing business because you can do it all from home or, anywhere in the world for that matter as long as you have your laptop with you and depending what you want to do, a smartphone can get the job done for you!

So, if you are looking for a way to own your own business and leave the 9 to 5 or if you are looking for something to supplement your regular employment earnings, then affiliate marketing could very well be what you are looking for.

Learn what affiliate marketing is and how it works.

technology makes it easier

Not a Get Rich Quick Gig

I always like to be transparent to my readers by being honest and not pump them up with a bunch of hype. To own any business, even an online business, requires a lot of hard work and determination.

The upside of owning your own business is that you don’t have to dance to someone else’s drum. You are the sole decision maker.

Another issue is that you have to be self-motivated and have the right kind of discipline to avoid distractions to successfully work from home.

Don’t expect to begin earning income immediately. Remember, this is a real business and success will not come overnight! You have to work at it, just like anything else that is worth having.

If you are looking for or are in desperate need for thousands of dollars to start pouring in right away, this is not for you. Many single parents or people, who are unemployed, tell me all the time that they need income right away and they want a guarantee that affiliate marketing will work.

Regretfully, it just doesn’t work that way. Anyone who tells you that is being dishonest with you and is only trying to hype you up to get your hard earned cash. Those people offer you only a dream and charge a lot of money for you to have that dream.

don't believe the hype

Don’t let them sell you the Golden Gate Bridge!

Becoming an affiliate marketer doesn’t just offer you a dream, but offers you a way to turn your dreams into a reality.

That does not mean you will not run into any roadblocks along the way to your success. When that happens, your determination will need to kick in. You should then become hardheaded about working through any frustrating situations to overcome them.

Often, a lot of people will begin to question their ability and start to doubt whether they have what it takes to do the affiliate marketing business. Keep in mind that this feeling comes over just about everyone during the process of learning the online marketing business.

How you handle these kinds of feelings when they come about will determine if you have what it takes to be successful in this business.

I have seen people quit way too soon when it gets a little difficult for them. These are the people who are not serious about turning their dream into a reality, don’t want to put forth the effort or time and don’t have real determination or motivation.

I have also seen people who are determined to never quit until they reach their goal of success. People are all different and they work differently, they handle obstacles differently, some will reach success earlier and some will reach success later. Don’t let how others handle obstacles determine how you will handle them.

failure is not an option

The affiliate marketing business requires a lot of hard work, time and determination on the front end. Those that have little computer skills may have a learning curve, but that too can be overcome. The day will come when you will look back on your experiences and smile when you think about how many of your mountains were really only little bumps that you had to get over.

It’s not about being brilliant. It’s about your ability and willingness to learn something new that will have a good impact on your life. It’s about being able to accept constructive criticism from those who have already accomplished what you are attempting to do. Most importantly, it is about your determination to do something to help your own situation.

Is It Expensive to Start an Online Business?

Owning an online affiliate marketing business is probably the easiest and cheapest way to create an online business. Is it reasonable to expect to own any business without any expenses at all? No, it isn’t. Is it reasonable to expect to own any business without any training at all? No, it isn’t.

In all honesty, there will be business expenses to start any business and training will be required when you are doing something new that requires certain techniques. However, there is a method to become an affiliate marketer and own your own business in the least expensive way.

You can review my #1 recommendation of the best affiliate marketing training platform around. This is a one-stop platform that includes everything to get your business up and running online for a very reasonable cost, including step-by-step training, hosting, and assistance from experienced affiliate marketers. You are even allowed to join for free to have an opportunity to check it out first.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking you can own an online website business with absolutely no business expense at all. However, you can have it at a very affordable cost.

Things to Remember

Initially, learning will be your number one thing to do. However, with my #1 recommendation referred to above, at the same time you are learning you will be building your online business. By the time, you complete the step-by-step courses you will have completed building the foundation of your online website business.

Some people tend to think that a person has to be born with certain skills or abilities and it is not something that you can learn. You either have it or you don’t. That is a definite falsehood. The skills and knowledge you need to earn income as an affiliate marketer can be learned just like we can learn anything else.

establish your authority

Learning is not just for school. It’s for life!

Think of how you may have felt when you first attempted to learn how to use your mobile device. I’m sure it was confusing to you at first, but now you can use your mobile device like you came into this world with that knowledge.

Remember that you won’t be a novice forever. Stay determined to see it through ‘til you accomplish success and you won’t regret it.

Before trying to land a second job to make ends meet, try affiliate marketing. A second job could mean more travel time and more expense to pay a babysitter. If you are absolutely in need of a second job to make ends meet, you can work your own online business on a part-time basis and eventually, be able to give up that second job.

I don’t recommend that you quit your full-time job immediately. I suggest that you make that one of your long-term goals. You should be earning income from your online business that equals or is more than what you earn from your full-time job.

Just remember, that your online business is still how you will be supporting yourself and family so make sure you treat it that way. Affiliate marketing is a strategy for getting away from making others rich and improving your own financial circumstances. Many affiliate marketers have done it.

Are All Online Jobs Equal?

If you search online, you will find there are many different jobs where you can earn money such as ghostwriting, data entry, medical transcriptionist, swag bucks, consultant, or virtual assistants. However, these are jobs that just add more work hours to your days and won’t pay very much.

Locate anything on the internet

These are jobs that will not allow you to find your financial freedom as affiliate marketing would do? Once you become successful with affiliate marketing, you can earn passive income even when you are asleep.

Your website will always be working for you because it never has to take a coffee break or a vacation. And, you can earn income from any place in the world because your website will have a global reach.

Although it will take a lot of hard work to build the foundation of your online business before you will see the fruit of your labor, once you have, the passive income will come. Jobs, like I mentioned above, won’t do that for you.

Where Do You Go From Here?

The hardest thing to do is to take that first step. It’s not a difficult step to take to get started. Learn how I got started.

self-sufficient living

Earn Passive Income Online

Call to Action

Now that you have seen how to get started, check out my honest Wealthy Affiliate Review. It’s free to join so you can test drive it for a week to see all that this affiliate training platform has to offer. Learn your way to owning your very own online affiliate marketing business.

I would love to hear about your personal experience or brief assessment of Wealthy Affiliate.

Please feel free to contact me if you need help with anything. Just make a comment below or you can always get in touch with me through (here is a link to my profile).


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  1. Jagi

    I think many people go into self-employment with blinders on, not knowing how much work is actually involved in making a site successful.

    Having been a single parent at one time, I was also struggling to create income for my family. I found value in sites like this, where I was easily directed of where to go.

    Keep on doing what you are doing.

    1. Verna Mason (Post author)

      Hi Jagi,

      I too have been a struggling single parent so I know what you are talking about. But, honestly in today’s environment it’s hard to make ends meet even if you have 2 incomes in the household. One household income is just not going to be sufficient to take care of the average family. Therefore, it’s important to find ways to increase income without causing additional hardship on your family.

      Thank you for your comments. I am appreciative that you found the information presented to be useful to you and understood my intention of showing you how you could have more control of your finances by becoming an online business owner yourself.

      Please drop by anytime and let me know if your have any questions I can help you with.



  2. Jerry

    Hi Verna, once you have made a decision to start your own internet business, Wealthy Affiliates is one of the best, if not the best, support platform. Also people should not just start and see where they get, but set firm goals and commitments from commencing.If your intention from the beginning would be to succeed, then you will, in the end. Cheers, Jerry

    1. Verna Mason (Post author)

      Hi Jerry,

      I think one of the biggest mistakes people make is not setting their goals. I believe goals are needed to know where you want to go, to see where you actually went and whether you need to adjust then in order to get where you need to be.

      Thanks so much for dropping by. I hope to see you again soon. Let me know if I can help you with anything.



  3. Momma Bear

    Hi Verna,

    I agree that people don’t really understand the hard work that goes into having an online business. Many feel like “If they build it, they will come”. It takes a lot more blood, sweat, and tears than that. As a single parent, every single minute of my day is precious and so when I decide how to spend my time and earn money to support my family it’s not a decision taken lightly. I completely agree that while alternatives like being a virtual assistant or data entry positions will support your family will they give you the largest return on your investment in the end? I agree with you that the answer to that is no. Have you found your business has given you more freedom?

    1. Verna Mason (Post author)

      Hi Momma Bear,

      Thank you for being so honest about what it takes to be in this business. I always like to emphasize the importance of being totally transparent with people because affiliate marketing is not for everyone. Each person has to look deep inside and be honest with themselves whether they have what it takes to do this business and realize that it take an awful lot! They must understand it’s not a hobby, but a real business that they must be serious about.

      Personally, at this point in my business I would have to say no, I have not found that I have more freedom. That is because I have not gotten to the level that I am striving for. Therefore, I still put many, many hours into bringing my dreams into fruition. That being said, however, I know that I will get where I want to be and then it will be time to count my blessings to my new found freedom.

      Thanks for stopping by to check out my article. Please do come back anytime. Let me know if there is anything that I can help you with. I look forward to seeing you again soon.




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