Unlock the Advantages of Outsourcing Jobs Now


Unlock the Advantages of Outsourcing Jobs Now

While business owners wear many hats, you simply can’t do it all by yourself, especially if you want your business to grow and to thrive even more. All owners of businesses, whether large or small, should know the advantages of outsourcing jobs.

Outsourcing is an effective alternative for many business owners who need help with their everyday tasks or need a special project completed, but just don’t have the time or the money to hire a full-time employee.

If you run a business, you’re likely always scouting for ways to cut costs while maximizing your effectiveness and increasing your bottom line, especially as the economy struggles to fully emerge from a recession.

Hiring employees to build or to expand your business may not be a viable option because of the cost. If you’re like some small business owners, you may be leery of handing over responsibility for your business tasks to others.

What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is the process whereby a business or an entrepreneur contracts another business or an individual to complete a one-time project, such as writing a book or a speech, or an ongoing task, such as producing a monthly newsletter or payroll. Most business tasks, from accounting and legal to payroll and information technology can be outsourced.

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners have begun to realize the benefits of outsourcing their communications needs. The needs can vary from writing, marketing, public relations and other areas of business tasks. These needs can be outsourced to other businesses that are led and staffed by professional people who are experienced in their respective fields.

While many people have heard of offshore outsourcing, when a company outsources jobs to overseas companies, some are not aware that many businesses and freelancers in the United States also provide the same services.

Advantages of outsourcing jobs

Outsource jobs locally or globally.

Is Outsourcing the Ideal Solution for Your Business?

Because of numerous factors including the cost and the time involved with hiring and training, hiring employees is not always a viable option, especially for time and cash-strapped small businesses and entrepreneurs. Outsourcing provides an affordable, effective alternative that offers considerable advantages over hiring employees, including:

Focus on your strengths – Outsourcing allows you to focus on your strengths while having others take over tasks in which you are weakest. Focusing on your strengths will also save you time that you can then devote to your business’s most important tasks.

Increase your profits – Unlike with an employee, you are not responsible for withholding taxes, paying unemployment tax, and providing benefits, including health insurance, when you outsource.

For example, in addition to having to pay unemployment taxes and provide benefits, you’ll likely have to hire someone to administer benefits and take care of payroll if you have employees, another cost you’ll save by outsourcing. Saving on those costs will allow you to increase your bottom line.

Cut your costs – When you outsource, you typically don’t have to pay for office space for the company to which you are outsourcing, nor will you be responsible for providing the company with equipment, such as a computer, a printer, a fax, and other tools that are needed to complete a job.

Save money on short-term projects — You may only need help for a short period, such as several weeks or several months, and hiring and training employees for that short period could result in significant costs.

Hiring temporary employees can be a risk because you can’t be guaranteed you will be satisfied with the employees or their results. By outsourcing you determine with whom you will work, for how long the project will last, and you won’t have to worry about an expensive hiring and training process.

Get started sooner rather than later — Hiring employees generally requires training, which takes time and costs money, and a learning curve is to be expected. Outsourcing allows you to start projects without any or very little downtime.

When you contract to an outside business, that business is typically ready to go very quickly which, in turn, saves you time and allows you to complete projects sooner rather than later. If a business that you are interested in can’t begin work quickly, you can simply move on and find another qualified company that can start when you’re ready.

Enjoy flexibility – When you have employees, you still have to pay them, even if there is not enough work to keep them busy during the workday. When outsourcing you only pay when work is being done. In some instances, especially if you are contracting a writing firm, you will be paying per project or per word rather than a per hour rate, which will allow you to effectively budget your outsourcing expenses.

Outsourcing gives you a global pool of companies with which to work. You might find the perfect business to work with and that company might be halfway across the state, the country, or even the world. Technology today allows you to work with businesses anywhere in the world.

outsourcung 2

Pros and Cons of Outsourcing

When starting a new business you will soon come to learn that there are tasks that will keep you very busy but don’t create much positive results. There can be a lot of routine tasks that must be completed, but can eat up hours of your time keeping you from concentrating on the things that matter the most to grow your business.

Thus, it is beneficial to outsource certain services to other companies. When you hear the word outsourcing, the first thing that you think of is how you can save costs. This is the first and the widely known advantage of outsourcing.


Save on time – This goes hand in hand with saving costs. Outsourcing services to outsourcing companies will save you vital time. In the long run, you will have saved a lot of time. Cost saving is the other main pro of outsourcing services to offshore or home grown companies. The cost of providing the technical services yourself might be too high, but outsourcing the services reduces the cost to manageable amounts.

It shifts your focus to the main objective of the business – When you outsource services to another company, you will be able to focus on the main function of the company. For instance, if you are running a manufacturing company, you can choose to outsource payroll services or any other services to a different company. As a result you can concentrate on improving the quality of your goods and increasing customer satisfaction.

Outsourcing services implies that you will be getting the best services – Offering quality services that leads to customer satisfaction and that in turn leads to more sales that will increase the profits. Therefore, your business will run efficiently.

When the customers are satisfied, they will give you a positive feedback which will increase your rank on the Better Business Bureau. Hence, outsourcing any type of services is very important for the success of your business.


Confidentiality issues – Outsourcing services means that you will have to hand over information to the company so that they can be able to serve you more efficiently. When you hand over confidential information to them the information is no longer confidential as a third party has come into the picture.

The main concern lies in outsourcing accounting services – When outsourcing accounting services you lose direct control of the services outsourced unless you stay hands on and get appropriate reporting information on a constant basis.

These are the main pros and cons of outsourcing. But the pros are more than the cons hence outsourcing is advisable to companies that want to focus on their core business. Generally, the advantages of outsourcing jobs can outweigh the disadvantages.

Benefits of Outsourcing

It is better to outsource any business activity that is necessary, but doesn’t promote or grow your business. Once your business gets to a certain point, you should delegate the routine activities to someone else so you can work on activities that will result in creating growth of your business.

Effective Use of Human Resources

Almost every company will start small, with a few or no employees. Yet, the competence needed to run a company and the many tasks and processes behind this operation is the same, whether for a small company or for a very big one. The size of the workloads will differ, but it still remains that all these functions will need to be attended to.

Outsourcing allows for such task management while retaining the small workforce. Tasks that will take away from the main purpose of the company can be outsourced to companies that actually specialize in the given area. Employees in the company can thus focus on the main purpose of the business and their own area of expertise. Other employees are then not needed to look after the aspects that the outsourcing recipient is taking care of.

No Time Wasted

Another benefit of outsourcing is that the team that will receive the project stays ready to go and can deliver work at a quick turnover rate. No time is wasted in setting up a team and training them as to what is expected of the project.

More Attractive to Investors

A company that constantly reinvests money in itself and shows good profits will ultimately be attractive to investors. Outsourcing can help a company stabilize its costs and even diminish its costs in many instances.

Reduce Risks

Outsourcing allows for reducing risks. The teams that handle outsourcing are better equipped to dealing with the risks inherent to their area, as opposed to the company that is not specialized in said area.

Faster Deliveries and Better Consumer Satisfaction

Outsourcing teams get on the job the minute it comes to them. When they finish they send it back to the company; as simple, and as speedy, at that. Faster deliveries of results can also lead to improved customer satisfaction if customers’ needs are being met successfully and speedily.

 Some Outsourcing Companies

Some Outsourcing Companies


In conclusion, there are many benefits to outsourcing. On the whole, it can be said that companies who outsource increase their own efficiency and reduce their cost considerably. That in its self would be a good incentive to consider outsourcing.

If you may be considering the idea of outsourcing some of your business tasks, I would suggest that you take a few minutes to identify and write down those mundane tasks that seem to eat up your time and the tasks that you are not skilled to perform.

After you have identified those tasks that do not directly impact on the growth of your business, you can then take advantage of outsourcing jobs to the experienced people who can get those tasks done.

Please feel free to contact me if you need help with anything. Just make a comment below or you can always get in touch with me through wealthyaffiliate.com (here is a link to my profile).





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  1. Kevin

    Wow, interesting post. I have a small business and it can become really crazy sometimes because of all the little things you have to do at the same time. It´s really overwhelming, so much that often I consider to outsource some of the work, but I don´t know why I never really do it. Reading this post make me think that now I can give the step that I need to delegate some of my work. This will be really beneficial for my business, mostly because I´ll have time to do other important things, priorities I mean.
    Thanks for the post, I might have some question later, so I´ll be coming back for some answers: P
    Have a nice dar 

    1. Verna Mason (Post author)

      Hi Kevin,

      I also have a small business, but you are correct when you say that it can be overwhelming at times. Having any kind of business will have many, many tasks to cover and complete and sometimes one person just can’t do it all. You do have to be careful about who you choose to outsource to. I don’t know where you are from, but I have found that getting freelancers from outside of the United States has not worked well for me because of the difference in using the English dialect. Yes, you may get the work done cheaper, but cheaper is not always the best way to go.

      There are so many things that can be outsourced (social media managing, content writing, SEO, logos, e-books, etc.) to free up the time that is needed to concentrate on higher priority tasks.

      Thanks for dropping by. I’m glad you found my article useful. Come back any time if you have any further questions. I am always here to help.

  2. troy

    It appears to me you are all for the idea of outsourcing since you have more pros than cons. I believe it is beneficial to the business themselves but not for the consumer or society as a whole.

    I dont know how many times I needed information and was connected with a person who’s lingual accent variation caused issues which were followed by sluggish response times and slow issue resolutions.

    This is just one of the addittional cons associated with outsourceing there are many more. What about the high unemployment rate?

    1. Verna Mason (Post author)

      Hi Troy,

      Yes, I am for the idea of outsourcing and think that small businesses in particular can benefit from it because it is very difficult for one person to do it all. I personally find it can be very stressful at times building my small online business and there never seems to be enough time in the day because I am at the beginning stages of my business.

      However, I must agree with you about lingual accent variation. I have attempted to outsource some content writing, but the variation of using the English dialect killed that for me. I basically ended up dumping the freelancer and just writing my articles myself because they were below par (at least in my opinion).

      With that being said, I believe that outsourcing can be a good thing, but you have to make sure you have the right person for the job. Outsourcing to other countries may be cheaper, but you may not be able to get a quality job because the Freelancer may not be fluent in the English dialect.

      I am not clear about your question referencing high unemployment. Are you saying that instead of outsourcing, we should employ people who are not working here? Freelancers are found from all corners of the globe. You can choose those only from the U.S. (or what ever country you reside in). But, I think a lot of business owners try to use those outside of the country because the rate of pay is cheaper. The U.S. dollar goes a lot farther in other countries.

      Thanks for taking the time to drop by. I appreciate your comments. Come back anytime and let me know if there are any other questions I can help you with.

  3. NathanG

    Hi Verna, thank you for your tips on outsourcing. Personally, I am so guilty of trying to do everything myself and not realizing the time wasted and/or lack of productivity that takes place. Online, services seem to be getting less expensive which makes it more reasonable and prudent to outsource. Offline may be different, but I sure feel like outsourcing some lawn mowing when the summer comes 🙂

    1. Verna Mason (Post author)

      Hi Nathan,

      Funny you should say that, we started outsourcing our lawn car this past summer! Everyone in my household are all so busy with their jobs that no one really has time anymore for it. So, we outsourced and it is great because my lawn gets cut on a regular basis and I’m not waiting for one of the guys to cut it after it has gotten out of hand!! You are making a good choice with that one!

      I am also guilty of trying to do everything myself. In doing so, things start to get unorganized to the point I’, really not getting anything done – just going around in circles.

      I think outsourcing is a great idea, just make sure you are working with the right people. At times I have had to go through 2 or 3 freelancers before I found one that works for me.

      Thanks for taking the time to check out my article. Stop by anytime. Let me know if you have any more questions I can help you with.

  4. Chris Towers

    Hi there I saw your website and was quite interested in the information.

    I have a website of my own and I also work full time and do sometimes find it hard to keep on top of things.

    I like working on my site but sometimes hit blocks, wither being tired or not having enough time.

    Can you recommend a good writer/writers for me to look at, of course considering the information you mention here with the pros and cons.

    I would be grateful for any help!



    1. Verna Mason (Post author)

      Hello Chris,

      Here are some outsourcing companies that may be helpful to you.





      iWriter is strictly a site where you can get help with article writing. They are probably the cheapest that I have found. The other three site run the gamut with the types of services that they offer — writing, seo, logos, site audits, etc.

      A word of warning – make sure you really know what you are getting. If you have articles written always run them through a plagiarism checker before you put them on your site. The less you paid for article writing you will probably not get a good quality article. If you are using them for SEO, make sure you get someone who isn’t just going to tell you what’s wrong or what you need (audit report), but be sure they are going to fix the issues and you know exactly what they will charge because many times SEO outsourcing is considered to be a custom order.

      I can’t really recommend a good writer because the good ones that I have come across are very expensive and I don’t actually use them. A decent writer will probably cost somewhere between $80 to $100 (or more) per article and it depends on how many words you want them to write. On iWriter you may be able to get an Elite writer for 1000 words to be a little cheaper than all the rest.

      I hope this information is helpful to you.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment on the article and I’m glad you found it useful.

      Let me know if you have any more questions I can help you with.


  5. Nelson

    I love you post on out sourcing..

    For me this has been an incredible asset while building my websites. Fiverr is one of my favourites being that you can literally get the best help in pretty much every area of subject you can think of..

    Great work.

    look forward to reading more from you.


    1. Verna Mason (Post author)

      I agree with you Nelson. Fiverr is great for the many different areas of assistance that they provide. However, I recommend that anyone that uses them should always contact them prior to purchasing an order. That way you can communicate specifically what you want the freelancer to do. I have found that it is best to be very specific with instructions and do not assume that they will understand what you want.

      I also recommend that if you use them for article writing, you use a plagiarism checker to ensure you aren’t getting duplicate content. Unfortunately, there are some freelancers will be dishonest just to get the pay.

      Outsourcing almost is a must with an online business if you don’t have anyone helping you. There are so many tasks to keep up with sometimes it gets to be overwhelming.

      Thanks for taking time to check out my article. It was good to “see” you again. Stop by anytime.


  6. Owain

    Thanks for a very useful post on this subject. I was thinking before about outsourcing some parts of my online business. I am just starting out as an affiliate marketer but it does not hurt to think about such things early on. There is just so much to learn as a beginner.

    Anyway, my biggest concern that you highlighted is confidentiality. This is something that I will have to think long and hard about before I hand over any information.

    Thank you again for this post. I will bookmark it for when I am ready with this stage of my website development.

    1. Verna Mason (Post author)

      Hi Owain,

      I think it takes some time for people to be comfortable enough to let go of some things. But, the most important preparation that one has to take before letting someone into your site is that you must do your due diligence to check them out before you hire them. It’s not a bad with using article writers because you feed them the information you want them to wrote about and you have final say whether you want to use their writings. I think the most difficult one is hiring someone who you want to do SEO tasks. You have to give them access if you want them to do the actual tasks. Below are a couple of other articles I wrote that may help you out with that.



      Thanks for dropping by to check out my article. Glad you found it to be helpful. Hopefully, the others will give you more insight into outsourcing.

      Let me know if you have any questions I can help you with.




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