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Where Should I Make My Blog – It’s Ruthless Challenge?

Before I started my online business I did a lot of research about websites and blogs. During my research, I noticed that some people created just a blogging site, yet others included their blogs on their websites. So, the first decision that I had to make was to figure out where should I make my blog?

Most people know what I’m talking about when I use the words blog or blogging. But, just in case there are some that do not, I will explain it a little here.

Before I delve into where to place a blog, I need to clarify some things for those who are just getting started with an online business and those who may be inexperienced with computers and/or use of the internet. Let’s see what is the difference between a website and a blog? Will it be a static page or blog?




A website is a set of written documents such as articles, essays, graphics, audio, videos, animation and more. It can consist of only one page or many, many pages. The documents can be accessed via the internet just like what you are looking at right now.

People usually “surf the web” (search website pages) to look up information (research). The information could be about anything anyone could ever think of. Cyberspace is very vast! The web is also searched by people because they are looking for specific products or services.

The content of a website, for the most part, is fixed (static) and is more professional or formal. Many times it is transactional; that is doing some type of business such as making a purchase or a withdrawal or transfer of funds from a bank account).

There can be communication about products and services. These days almost every person who owns a business has a website. It’s almost mandatory in today’s business world.

A website is a good tool to self-promote (build a brand) and to advertise. People expect to see lots of buying and selling online as well as promotion or advertising when they surf the web. The downside of that is that it is almost impossible to have any interaction to form relationships with your customers.




Content in a blog is or should be updated very frequently and it is less formal. A blog is interactive between the author of the blog and those who make comments about the content.

The content of a blog is intended to be informative and educational. Interaction is usually about an industry or consumer issues. Although there is a lot of blogging going on, not everyone and their brother has one.

A blog is always providing continuous, useful and interesting content to potential and existing customers. In a blog, the author can interact with the readers and have discussions that are ever flowing to build a relationship.

Because the blogger is regularly posting new content, people in the Cyber world will begin to see you as an expert in your selected niche and will result in the readers coming back over and over again.

For a blog to be successful and effective, the blogger needs to publish new posts at least once or twice a week. Publishing new content is very important for the life of a blog because the content is really what attracts people in the first place.

New content will help to keep the readers. A blog should provide information that is interesting, informative, and of value. It is not the purpose of a blog to advertise or promote sales of products or services.

Websites and blogs have very different purposes and create different short-term results. But, they are both necessary to help build your online presence and to strengthen your business reputation.

Separate or Together


When I surf the web, I frequently find blogs that are on their own site and others blogs that have been made a part of a website. When I first started out I automatically included my blogs on my website and never even considered putting it to itself. Since that question has come up on more than one occasion I started thinking about it a little more.

Is it better to put your blog on your website? Weighing the pros and cons I have decided that it is really a personal choice. My personal choice is to keep my blogs on my website. You ask why?

Look at the benefits of keeping the blog with the website.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – The backlinks to your blog posts will add to a website’s general SEO power. The reason for that is that backlinks point to your main domain. Therefore it helps the entire website pages rank higher in the search results.
  2. Visitors who find their way to your blog will already be on your website making it easier for the visitor to consider taking the action you desire such as providing an email address, making a purchase, signing up for your newsletter. In other words, they will make the conversion action.
  3. Google is crazy in love with content-rich websites! Having more content pages will aid the entire website to rank better.
  4. It is more cost-effective to build and maintain one website as opposed to two as well as having to only endorse only one brand.
  5. Keeping your blog on your website will position you as a knowledgeable individual who is more than just their products or services.

Lee Price, a writer for REPCAP, wrote an excellent article explaining the reasons why your blog shouldn’t be a separate website

All these benefits listed are great reasons for keeping the blog as part of your website, but let’s see what the benefits are for separating the blogs from the website before we make a definitive decision.

Worth it's weight in Gold to Live Within the Website

Worth its weight in Gold to Live On the Website

Look at the benefits of keeping the blog separate from the website.

  1. Maybe the attitude of the blog is not favorable to the model of your website.
  2. Maybe you want your blog to have its own brand.
  3. Maybe you will consider selling the blog, but keep the website or vice versa.

Now review the pros for each of these benefits. It is very notable that the pros of keeping the blog on the website definitely outweigh keeping the blog separate. But, we aren’t just talking about the number of reasons.

Our goal will always be to add strength to our website’s SEO power. We can do that by keeping the blog as part of the website.

There used to be a time when people could create as many websites as they wanted. Then they would point the links from those other sites to their most important site thereby improving the SEO power and Google’s page rankings. Google got wise to the tricks people played to build links in a dishonest way and put a stop to that.

Google knows how to tell when the links are not “real” because fake ones have different traits than when normal links take place from proper third-party sites. Google also doesn’t like it when there are a lot of links coming from the same website.

If the blog is part of the website, the backlinks from those blogs will automatically help to increase the SEO power of your website.

Backlinks the honest way

Get Back Links the Honest Way

Still Undecided?


You could place your efforts on building backlinks to a blog website then use a middleman (requiring more effort) to pass more worth to your main website. Having the blog on your website eliminates that middle step, less effort on your part.

I said earlier that it’s a personal choice, but is it really. It seems to me you gain so much more keeping the blog on your website. Your main website should be your most important center of attention.

The focus of your SEO building efforts should be on your main website. After all isn’t your definitive goal to get visitors to locate your main website where you offer your products and/or services? Your goal is not for people to only find your blog site.

There may be some specific cases when you may have to separate your blog from your main website, such as when the attitude of your blog may be in conflict with the tone of your main website.

However, the advantages of keeping the blog with your main website are much more significant and beneficial to the improvement of your SEO and Google page rankings and toward spotlighting your brand as a leader.

Learn to Blog at Wealthy Affiliate Using WordPress

Learn to Blog at Wealthy Affiliate Using WordPress

So, where will you put your blog? Let me know.

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  1. Ben

    When people say content is key I can definitely see you’ve taken this on board. You have rich and unique content that I found very ease to engage with. I found your post about blog placements to be very helpful and have even learnt a thing of two myself from it. Thanks for the insight and help.

    1. Verna Mason (Post author)

      Hello Ben,

      I’m so glad you found my article helpful to you. My aim is to provide meaningful information that others who are starting an online business so they can have a smoother entrance and insight to getting things done.

      Thank you for stopping by and spending some time. Please let me know if you have any questions because I am here if you need any help.

  2. Jennifer B

    Great information! I think it all depends on the intent for your page. Do you plan to talk about a variety of items in a particular niche, or be very specific. If you have your own product or service to offer, then keeping a blog on your own website makes more sense.

    I really don’t think one is better or worse than the other, it just comes down to the site owners particular preference.

    1. Verna Mason (Post author)

      Hello Jennifer,

      I do agree that it all boils down to what the website owner wants. However, it doesn’t matter whether you plan to talk about a variety of items in a particular niche or a being very specific, it can still be on the same website. My site is an affiliate marketing site and I blog about a variety of topics within the affiliate marketing niche. I also promote different affiliate marketing products on my site.

      The reason I am for it being on the same website is because you don’t have the headache of having to maintain separate sites, which can also be more costly. But, truly it is just a personal preference that people will make.

      Thanks so much for taking the time to drop by and I’m glad the article gave you some insight about it.

      Let me know if there is any thing I can help you with. I will be here.


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